German opera chiefs protest the beheading of Oslo Opera

German opera chiefs protest the beheading of Oslo Opera


norman lebrecht

November 09, 2016

Leading figures in German opera have sent an open letter to Anne Carine Tanum, Chairman of Norwegian Opera and Ballet. It is published today in Aftenposten, Norway´s principal newspaper. 

Dear Madam,

It is with great astonishment and concern that members of the Deutsche Opernkonferenz have heard of the announced resignation of  the Norwegian Opera and Ballet CEO Nils Are Karstad Lysø by the end of this season.

The fact that a CEO of the most important artistic institution of Norway abandons his company shortly after having taken decisions with dramatic consequences for its future, not only shows a tremendous lack of responsibility but also leaves the performing and musical arts of Norway – ironically symbolized by Norways maybe most impressive new architectural landmarks – in a desperate situation.

We do hope that the Board of the Norwegian Opera and Ballet will be able to find a successor who can repair the actual damages in a sustainable way. However, having followed discussions over the last year, we believe that the reasons for the actual crisis of the NOB lie in an organization structure that has turned out to be unable to guarantee the necessary freedom any artistic production requires.

As we all are seriously concerned about the current situation, we would like to offer the NOB any advice and support that may help to improve its organization structure in order to allow sustainable artistic production for the future.

Thank you very much for considering our suggestion and all our sincerest regards,


Bernd Loebe, Vorsitzender der Deutschen Opernkonferenz und Intendant/Geschäftsführer der Oper Frankfurt

Andreas Homoki, Stellvertretender Vorsitzender der Deutschen Opernkonferenz und Intendant des Opernhaus Zürich

Dietmar Schwarz, Stellvertretender Vorsitzender der Deutschen Opernkonferenz und Intendant der Deutschen Oper Berlin

Jürgen Flimm, Intendant der Staatsoper Berlin

Barrie Kosky, Intendant der Komischen Oper Berlin

Georges Delnon, Intendant der Staatsoper Hamburg

Jossi Wieler, Intendant der Staatsoper Stuttgart

Klaus Bachler, Intendant der Bayerischen Staatsoper München

Birgit Meyer, Intendantin der Oper Köln

Christoph Meyer, Intendant der Oper am Rhein

Wolfgang Rothe, Intendant der Semperoper Dresden

Ulf Schirmer, Intendant der Oper Leipzig

Dominique Meyer, Intendant der Wiener Staatsoper

Unfortunately, many of the same signatories signed a petition to retain John Berry at English National Opera. They were ignored by the Board.



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