Furry lees: Justin Bieber is filmed playing Beethoven again

Furry lees: Justin Bieber is filmed playing Beethoven again


norman lebrecht

November 07, 2016

Man can’t have a drink in a Toronto bar without some teen star tinkling off a bleeping Beethoven.

It’s the second time this year.

Musical Toronto has the full story.



  • Mikey says:

    that was dreadful.
    I learned that damnable piece in my 2nd year of piano (age 6), so he has no particular merit.. but even less so for what he does to it. That’s not Beethoven, it’s “Beethoven as seen by Bieber”.

    • jim says:

      I learnt it in my first year. Age 5. So there.

      • Mikey says:

        I was busy in my first year with solfegio, harmony, and music history, oh, and learning a Chopin prelude.
        so there, there :-p

        • Furzwängler says:

          I was already memorizing the piece prenatally, by ESP, in my mother’s 6th month of pregnancy. So there.

          • Mikey says:


            ok, ok, you win 🙂

            (though I could say that I had already learned it in my previous life, since I was Beethoven in a previous incarnation. why is it that people are always famous people from the past when they talk about past lives? Why don’t we ever hear about someone who’s past life was “a stable boy who got kicked in the head by a mule and died at age 12”?)

  • Ed says:

    As seen by Bieber? I think he is totally blind.

  • Jeffrey Biegel says:

    Ignoring the singing and playing stuff, and even the main theme of the Beethoven, what did resemble a hint of facility were the arpeggios and the turns he added. Not for nothing, I wonder if, with serious training, scales, arpeggios, etc, he could develop the playing. Listen again to the ascending arpeggios. There was a relative ease in his delivery. He needs lessons if he wants to become a better player. Stretching exercises, Hanon, Clementi ‘Gradus ad Parnassum’, scales, arpeggios. (Am I crazy? Don’t answer that!)

    • Robert Holmén says:

      Lessons for Bieber?

      I’m reminded of the old story of Gershwin asking Ravel for lessons.

      Bieber is no Gershwin but instead of music lessons i hope he gets financial lessons so we’re not reading of him broke when he’s 30.

  • Maryann S says:

    Für Elise? No, Für Cryin’ Out Loud!

  • herrera says:

    Beethoven would be a Belieber if he were alive today.

  • V.Lind says:

    I hold no brief for young Mr. Bieber, not one of whose songs I have heard, and whose hard-to-avoid antics have seemed very unappealing to sentient beings. But he makes his way as a singer, not a player, from what I understand. He does not aspire to offer his piano playing as a professional venture.

    My takeaway on this video was that it seemed rather sweet that someone who makes his living and does his work with music would still take pleasure in simply playing for the fun of it. He obviously had lessons as a kid, and did not pursue them after a certain point. But like many of us, he can take to the piano for what in my family and friends was called a “sing-song” when I was growing up. It is very rare to see a family gathered around a piano any more, let alone with their voices raised in song. Justin Bieber brought a taste of that sort of experience to a random group of young people. who clearly enjoyed it.

  • John Borstlap says:

    Who is this teenager anyway, to deserve mention on SD? Never heard of.

  • El Grillo says:

    He’s trying to get Frank (Sinatra) to keel over of a heart attack (this isn’t spelled attic) while filming with’m, I might be helping.