Flute virtuoso is mugged and beaten in Moscow station

The solo flute of Russia’s National Philharmonic Orchestra, Vladimir Shamidanov, was attacked by three men in a Moscow subway station, robbed of his instruments and money and beaten badly, according to local music media.

He suffered a dislocated shoulder and has issued a desperate appeal for the return of his instruments.

He said one flute, made in Boston was bought for him by the conductor Vladimir Spivakov for the specific purpose of playing Shostakovich symphonies. Its estimated value is half a million rubles ($16,000).


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      • you may be right, or you may be jumping to conclusions- perhaps the enquiry about the flute is more to aid it’s recovery rather than about it’s tonal qualities?

    • Brand, serial # and a general description (such as offset G, any engraving on keys, what metal it’s made of) would be helpful. The majority of high-quality American flutes are made in Boston, so just saying “made in Boston” doesn’t give much information.

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