Award-winning UK quartet loses violinist

Two weeks ago we reported that the Heath Quartet had called off a US tour for unspecified ‘personal reasons’.

Today, violinist Cerys Jones has posted the following:

Seven  years ago, I stepped onto the stage of the Wigmore Hall for the first time, to perform my first official concert as a member of the Heath Quartet.

In a week’s time, I will perform my last concert as a member of the Heath Quartet.

I look back on the last 7 years with pride: it has been a huge privilege to be part of such a wonderful string quartet, and I will always love Ollie, Garyand Chris like family.

I am stepping down to pursue new musical collaborations that allow me to be a better mother to Harry and Scarlett. As a violinist, being in a successful string quartet is as good as it gets, but it has come with huge sacrifices for my family. As I look forward to a new musical chapter in my life I wish Ollie, Gary and Chris all the love and best wishes in the world, as they start their new chapter with the Heath Quartet. For all those who have shown fantastic support for the quartet during my time, I want to say a huge thank you – I will join you in continuing to support the quartet from the sidelines rather than from the stage.


Cerys assures us that the two events are unconnected.

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  • Dear Norman, thank you for your interest in the Heath Quartet. I can assure you that the US tour cancellation and my leaving the quartet are not connected. If you were able to amend the report as such I would be most grateful.
    Yours sincerely,
    Cerys Jones

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