Venezuela awards peace prize to … Putin

There are still places in the world where they haven’t heard of Aleppo.

Venezuelan president Maduro has announced a Hugo Chavez Peace Prize. The first winner is Vladimir Putin.


putin domingo carreras

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  • and what the hell has that got to do with Domingo and Carreras (except that they’ll take money from anyone!)….

  • Crass incompetant stupidity.

    Putin is a Criminal and should be treated by the rest of the civisised world with total contempt.

    • Maybe he is, but what does that make the US government? Mass murderers. Some of the biggest, if not THE biggest, criminals of this world still sit in Washington and on Wall Street. Putin is just a small thug in comparison.

        • You have not seen much of the world in reality lately, have you? Remember, TV is not the reality. It’s filtered, best case. And outright fictitious, worst case.
          The problem with most people in the US is that they are not even aware how they have lost touch with reality in the world.
          Now back to the Matrix Tim. Go back o sleep.

          • I agree with you about Americans but I am not American and have no wish to ever go there as it’s full of God nuts. gun nuts and Trump nuts.

            Apart from that Putin doesn’t deserve any kind of reward. He is a degenerate, tyrant with blood on his hands and should be attested for crimes against humanity. He wouldn’t know the meaning of civilised behaviour it it bit him on his arse.

          • You rant irrationally. Rationally one can’t deny, that under the goven circumstances, the US being the only superpower and Putin only playing a mediocre deck, he and his admin is acting quite rationally in the international arena.
            Russia certainly is less of a threat to this world than the plutocrats who control the US gov and military.

          • Peter if you really think that you should be given a special award as the World’s most naive & stupid Human being.

            Putin is sub-human and easily the most dangerous dictator in the world at the moment.

            I don’t mind having sensible discussions but your incompetant idiocy really takes the biscuit.

            Sorry Norman, but this apology for a human being really gets my goat.

          • Now Tim that you got this off your chest, we hope you feel a bit better now, do you also have an argument?

  • Hugo Chavez peace prize?

    Kind of like an Idi Amin peace prize. Or Joe Stalin peace prize?


    (Wonder if Gergiev was there to cheer him on)

  • Indeed, what do Jose Carreras and Placido Domingo have to do with Chavez Peace Prize and Putin?!? Where does this photo come from? Some other occasion?, I guess.

  • I figured they would have awarded the Hugo C. Peace Price (sic) to Maestro Dudamel, their regime’s biggest public face and supporter–his (sham) apologies to the contrary notwithstanding, but Putin is certainly a “worthy” recipient of this award.

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