Three Zakhar Bron pupils are eliminated at the Wieniawski

Three early favourites – Mone Hattori, Shiori Terauchi and Eva Rabchevska – have failed to make the third round of the Wieniawski Competition in Poznan.

All three are students of Zakhar Bron, who sits on the jury.

Some insiders suggest this might indicate a backlash against the controversial judge.

Here are the third round qualifiers:

Hanna Asieieva (Ukraine), catalogue no. 1
Amelia Maszońska (Poland), catalogue no. 27
Richard Lin (Taiwan/USA), catalogue no. 23
Arsenis Selalmazidis (Russia/Greece), catalogue no. 41
Celina Kotz (Poland), catalogue no. 16
Ryosuke Suho (Japan), catalogue no. 42
Veriko Tchumburidze (Georgia/Turkey), catalogue no. 44
Luke Hsu (USA), catalogue no. 12
Robert Łaguniak (Poland), catalogue no. 25
Amalia Hall (New Zealand), catalogue no. 10
Kim Bomsori (South Korea), catalogue no. 14
Maria Włoszczowska (Poland), catalogue no. 47
Seiji Okamoto (Japan), catalogue no. 33

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  • These days they probably need a ranking in the first six to get a back desk job in the 2nd violins in some provincial band.

  • About time, but wouldn’t it be easier to throw the old codger off the jury. He’s past his sell by date I would have thought.

  • Pity Jamaican Ellinor D’Melon wasn’t there. She would have won the first prize without having to count with Bron. She is a student of Bron but she is definitely not a favorite. She is an amazing violinist. You should listen to her!!!

    • If true, it would be a great shame indeed that his students got caught up in fallout about Mr. Bron’s track-record. And while three of Mr. Bron’s students were eliminated, his other student, Arsenis Selalmazidis, Jury Member Mr. Bryła’ students Amelia Maszońska & Celina Kotz and Jury Chairman Mr. Vengerov’s student Maria Włoszczowska all went on.
      Did these Jury Members abstain from voting on their respective students?

      • As a juror at this great event, I can assure you that Mr. Bron, Mr. Bryla, and Mr. Vengerov abstained from voting for their students. For a more accurate assessment of our work, please watch the violin channel on Facebook, this Saturday at 3 pm London time.
        (10 am in New York)

        • The purist is to publish each jurors votes for each round, as they do it at the Competition or at the Chopin piano competition in Warsaw! It is better than any explanation by violin channel or any other way…
          Mr. Lebrecht, as a famous personality pointing out dirty methods in music, would you ask the organiser, to publish the jury’s votes? Thank you!

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