The Pitts? Soprano sings duets with herself in patched-up Traviata

Claudia Rosenthal was down to sing Annina in Pittsburgh Opera’s Traviata.

Then she got a call that Violetta was sick, could she step up to the lead? She sure could.

But Pittsburgh did not have an understudy for Annina so Claudia had to sing both roles – some of which involved sung conversations with herself.

Ever seen that before?

Either way, well done Claudia.

Read here.


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  • That could work rather well in a concept-driven production where it’s all going on in the dying Violetta’s fevered imagination. (I’ve actually thought before that the return of Alfredo is kind of too good to be true …)

    As it happens, I posted the legendary report below on a Facebook thread last night. Double Dame Gwyneth (in 1985)! Talk about a singer who always gave more than 100% …

    • I was there! As Dame G walked offstage into the wings, a vocal score was thrust into her hands. As you may imagine, she got an extraordinary ovation.

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