Smart Korea move for Brit conductor

James Judd has been named artistic director of the Daejeon Philharmonic Orchestra.

He conducted his first concert two hours after signing the contract.

james judd

Judd also holds music directorships in Slovakia and Israel.

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  • I hope there are no hiccups as there were with his aborted Music Directorship at the blighted Malaysian Philharmonic a dozen years ago.

  • He deserves more prominence. He did a fine job in New Zealand, as witness his recording of Elgar’s Symphony No. 1. But it is good to know that he is well-employed.

    • Yes, it’s an excellent Elgar 1 but it’s with the Hallé, unless he’s done another more recently. There’s also a tremendous Alpine Symphony and an intensely moving Mahler 9, both with youth orchestras. He’s recorded recently with the RLPO but otherwise seems not to work in UK very much and then not very prominently. For example, a few years ago he led the BBCNOW in a concert in Brecon, but nothing in Cardiff or Swansea. Not appreciated? Doesn’t want to? Either way, it’s a pity.

  • Way back in 1994 Judd’s recording of Mahler’s first symphony with the Florida Philharmonic was named Record of the Year by the Gustav Mahler Society. It’s surprising he isn’t better known or had a more prominent appointment.

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