Report: Acid attacker is back at work in the Bolshoi

From the ever-attentive Ismene Brown:

Pavel Dmitrichenko, the Bolshoi dancer convicted and jailed (in 2013) for ordering the infamous acid attack on his boss at Russia’s chief ballet company, is reported to have been back in the Bolshoi doing ballet class for the past month, hoping to return to the stage.

An anonymous source, claimed to be another soloist, is quoted by the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets describing the reaction of most of the dancers and theatre staff as welcoming, mostly considering that he has served his term and earned his right to have his life and career back.

Ismene rightly demands to know how such a crime can quickly be forgiven. Read here.

Perhaps the Bolshoi Theatre would like to clarify?

Pavel Dmitrichenko Angelina Vorontsova

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  • Yes, his crime is really horrible…but he is a splendid dancer. His Tybalt is so magnificent and more impressive than Romeo. Perhaps his real personality?

  • Is there really such a shortage of fine dancers in Russia that they need him?

    Are non-acid-throwing dancers unavailable?

  • I find this utterly extraordinary. It’s rather like saying someone who has shot and seriously injured one of the pupils in a school is permitted to return to teaching at the same school after his sentence because he has paid his price to society!

    It absolutely does not matter how good a dancer he is. He deliberately and with malice aforethought sought very seriously to disfigure the artistic head of the Bolshoi and ruin both his life and his ability to pursue his chosen career. What right does he have to return to the same company? Absolutely none!

    • He paid for what stupidly did. So he needs to rehabilitate himself and the only things he knows and is his career is DANCING!!!

    • Dmitrechenko paid for what stupidly did, why not come back ro work? What is he going to do? Dance is the only things he knows as to work and he is great!
      Pardon for him! and Good Luck!

  • Great Dancer but stupid . He should have learned his lesson and should face life differently.

    Should concentrate in dancing and try to forget!

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