Pittsburgh Symphony COO gets a kick in the pants

Yesterday the COO threatened that striking musicians would be replaced in order to ‘keep Heinz Hall open and operating to serve our patrons.’

Now, a rock concert has been cancelled at Heinz Hall and moved elsewhere.

Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman don’t want to cross a picket line.

Other events, we hear, are in jeopardy.

The COO’s hardline strategy is not working.



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  • At this point in time I would like to know where the Maestro stands in reference to his orchestra. I have not heard a word one way or another from Herr Honeck. He has to have a position, period. One way or the other.

    One, at times such as this has to take a position no matter the consequences. The orchestra followed him for many years and now, what?

    As we say here in the Yinz, commit or Jag Off. You can not be on the fences waiting to see where the wind blows and then take advantage. Be a man and take an stand or as I suggested Jag Off and go back to your mountain and pray for your resurrection.

    I am not happy by all of this. Pittsburgh and we all deserve a lot more than these two, or three, or four jerks coming here to save us from what? Themselves? Jag Off please!

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