Opera tenor declares: I am just a boxer

Dutch National Opera has kicked off a video campaign, You Don’t Know Opera, aimed at persuading young people that opera should be part of their lives and that opera people are, really, quite normal.

The first release introduces Frank Engel, professional tenor and amateur boxer.

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    • Boxing singers defend themselves physically against Regieoper requirements, unless boxing is one of them.

  • Whoever thought this was a good idea needs their head examining. A more incongruous juxtaposition I’ve never seen. How to put people off opera for life, I’d call it. Beautiful singing too, what a shame!

  • “Now the Great Bear and Pleiades” in an ad? OK, great, why not? Makes a change from Nessun Dorma.

  • It’s the new Holland, after the last round of drastic subsidy cuts of cultural institutions. Now the suspicious masses have to be lured into what has remained of culture, and since opera offers the greatest populist suspicion, the information that singers are like boxers must be quite reassuring.

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