No strings attached in Viennese gift to Latin kids

Message from the Austrian violinist, Daniel Auner:

The Auner Quartet are on a concert tour through Brazil, playing in several cities. Before we left Austria, the Austrian Ambassador to Brazil, Marianne Feldmann, contacted me regarding a children’s orchestra ‘Reciclando Sons’.

They contacted the Embassy as they need strings for their instruments.

So I went in Vienna to the Thomastik-Infeld Factory and explained the situation, they were asking for 100 sets of violin and 50 sets viola strings for the kids. Two days ago the Embassy organised a concert for us to give the orchestra its Strings.

Thomastik Infeld did not send 150 sets. It sent 1000 sets – 4000 individual strings. We will now be able to support several other music institutions in Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia. It was unexpectedly very generous.



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    • Do you mean that Pirastro need to learn more about strings and sound? Or Thomastik Infeld? Or the children?

      • All three …strings respond differently to various instruments , many players
        use combinations of strings , plain gut are the most responsive depending on
        a slew of things … tension ,type ,bridge , sound post .Playing on gut is an art
        in itself,and can be troublesome..Many old time masters used combination of
        gut and modern windings.It isn’t just a matter of putting on a set of strings and
        sawing away for dear life .

  • I think it is a wonderful gesture. I have played on Thomastik Infeld for some years; very good strings!

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