Maestro move: Canada picks Dudamel’s Dane

Maestro move: Canada picks Dudamel’s Dane


norman lebrecht

October 21, 2016

The Victoria Symphony has named Christian Kluxen, 34, to succeed Tania Miller next year as music director.

An assistant conductor at the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Kluxen was a Dudamel Fellow at LA Phil in 2014-15 and has since freelanced, mostly in the UK.




  • Mikey says:

    Yay, another foreign conductor at the helm of a Canadian orchestra, who will refuse to perform any Canadian music unless his arm is twisted.

    There are so many wonderful Canadian composers, and no one in the country ever gets to hear them because these conductors have no interest at all in the music. They just stick to what makes them look good.

    • Milka says:

      Don’t fret … the orchestra is of minor importance and is used as a stepping stone
      to bigger and better .The conductor will be gone as soon as a better offer pops up.
      Canadians always had a strange relationship with home grown talent, they always
      seemed to settle for a 2nd. rate import over 1st. rate home grown .Let’s not bring up
      Gould and the Toronto nonsense of Gould this and Gould that – it may be viewed as
      the cash cow show biz shtick and has little to do with music .

  • Kai Adomeit says:

    OK, Mikey. As we say in Germany : let’s make nails with heads.
    Give me the names/contacts/adresses of canadian composers. At least, I’ll play them in (Piano-)Recitals, if good I’ll record them.
    Feel free to spread my address:

    Greetings from Germany – from a pianist who always looks for good contemporary music!