Maestro, 82, kicks out general manager, 73

Maestro, 82, kicks out general manager, 73


norman lebrecht

October 05, 2016

You may add this story to your collection of Brandenburg concertos.

The Intendant of the Brandenburg Theatre, Klaus Deschner, decided recently that it was time for the music director, Peter Gülke, to call it a day. Gülke, who is 82 and has been unwell, vehemently disagreed.



They shared some angry, vocal exchanges.

Then the musicians got involved, voting unanimously for Gülke, a nationally renowned figure, to remain.

So now it is Deschner, who is 73, who has been ordered to pack his bags at the end of the season.




  • Joel Lazar says:

    It should happen more often!

  • Alexis Hauser says:

    Bravo to these musicians who demonstrated unanimously their respect for an artist renown for his deep knowledge as interpreter and musical scholar with numerous very important articles to his credit. Hopefully Gülke’s health will improve for many years to come!

  • Stefan says:

    What are your sources for this story? According to the local press, Deschner not been asked to leave and will remain in office. However, Professor Gülke’s two-year contract as interim music director will expire at the end of the season. Deschner doesn’t want to renew the contract, whereas Gülke wants to stay on until a permanent new music director has been found. No agreement has been reached so far. Deschner is not the ‘Intendant’ anyway but a business manager who has been hired on a temporary basis to sort out the theatre’s financial problems. It’s important to bear in mind that both Gülke and Deschner have only joined the Brandenburg theatre fairly recently. They came out of retirement to hold these interim positions while the search for a new music director and a new theatre manager continues.