Leeds winner weds

Anna Tsybuleva, 25, winner of the low-key 2015 Leeds piano competition, has posted her wedding photo.


Since Leeds, she has gone on to win the admiration of some very eminent pianists.


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  • Best wishes to the bride, who is a great boon to Yorkshire judging by her concert calendar. She will need continuing good fortune professionally, considering how many more piano competitions have taken place since.

    From the AAF website (Alink-Argerich foundation), monthly results sections, the following statistics on international piano competitions in 2016 can be derived. Duplicate listings were eliminated.

    Total no. of international piano competitions from 1.1- 30.9.2016 (start date): 149

    Counting only 3 prizes per competition, that yields 447 hopeful pianists seeking concert engagements, and the year is not yet over.

    Total no. of countries involved: 36

    Highest no. of competitions by country: Italy 36 (!); USA 19; Germany 15; France 11; Spain 9; Poland and Russia 6 each.

    England is quite far down the list with 2 competitions (Hastings & Windsor)

    Forming the bottom of the list are 19 sensible countries with 1 piano competition each, such as Australia, Norway, Switzerland, South Korea, Hong Kong, China & Brazil.

    • If you were there maybe. As for today, not a single performance video on youtube. On the BBC website a whole load of audio excerpts but no video footage.

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