Lang Lang misses out on Echo awards

The complete awards, presented last night:

Female singer of the year: Anna Netrebko
Male singer of the year: Philippe Jaroussky
Instrumentalist (clarinet): Martin Fröst
Instrumentalist (cello): Sol Gabetta

sol gabetta
Instrumentalist (piano): Grigory Sokolov
Instrumentalist (flute): Stefan Temmingh
Instrumentalist (violin): Pinchas Zukerman
Conductor of the Year: Antonio Pappano
Ensemble: Berliner Philharmoniker

Bestseller of the Year: Jonas Kaufmann


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  • So who decides on who is to be awarded and on what basis? Can they be influenced? Is it like the Nobel prize?

      • Seems so ,,, the only one to warrant much attention would have been the
        clarinet player who before becoming a “star” was a beautiful player who now
        instead of a beautiful line fusses the given works to show what a virtuoso he is .
        Perhaps it is a phase and he will come back to being the good musician one
        senses in his early work .Zukerman ….. ????????????

    • Der ECHO KLASSIK wird von einer elfköpfigen Jury vergeben, die sich aus anerkannten Branchenexperten zusammensetzt und die ihr Urteil insbesondere nach künstlerischen Kriterien fällt, aber auch den Publikumserfolg und damit die Wertschätzung durch Musikkäufer berücksichtigt.
      (Engl. Translation: “The ECHO Klassik is awarded by an eleven-member jury composed of recognized industry experts, who particularly base their judgment on artistic criteria, but also take into account [the musicians’] audience success and [their] appreciation by music-buyers.)

      Click on this Echo Klassik link – – and scroll down to the paragraph with the headline DIE JURY to see the current jury…..nothing but Vice Presidents, General Managers, Editors, Publicists, Chairmen and Presidents…not a single musician in sight.

      • It is indeed a very strange jury. The lobbies and no single independent critique, producer or musician. Ridiculous actually, but explains easily the winner lists. Some winners still deserve it, despite this jury. 😉

  • Are you Kidding? He won it last year when he had actually released a record. But why talking about him and not about hundreds of other pianists Who didn’t have Windows this year? I guess you need HIS name to get some attention.

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