Just in: Israel Phil principal viola wins Rotterdam seat

We hear that Roman Spitzer, principal viola in the Israel Philharmonic, has won the audition today for solo viola in the Rotterdam Philharmonic.

Useful, with a young Israeli music director coming in.


What’s more, he succeeds a fellow-Israeli, Ron Ephrat.

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  • “Useful, with a young Israeli music director coming in.”

    Why is it useful for an Israeli music director to have an Israeli principal violist?

    • Maybe the incoming Israeli Music Director living and being educated in Berlin for many years, they thought he needs support to keep his Hebrew fluent.

      Oh dear, when will the host of this blog finally understand, that the music world is all about overcoming nationalistic and ethnical divisions, not fortifying them.

  • Norman,
    Plaese be careful when you type what you type. It’s not totally true. I am still present in IPO.

    • I heard the position of Rotterdam Philharmonic Hebrew Rehearsal Translator had been won by the Assistant Concertmaster Hed Yaron Mayersohn. Perhaps a Principal Translator with contractual service reduction…

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