German composer festival is cancelled

Next July should have seen the return of the Carl Orff festival at Andechs and Ammersee, near the composer’s grave. The festival, which ran annually from 1998 to 2015, had taken a year’s break and was being updated in a more interesting presentation.

However, the organisers have now filed for bankruptcy due to poor ticket sales at other classical events. Sad to say, the Orff Festival is off.


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      • The Oriental part of Asia – certainly not the rest .. and our British colleges are full of them when our own, equally talented and would say more emotionally engaged but not as technically competent in the same way as the Oriental, can’t afford to go … and the colleges want the Orientals as they pay far higher fees than our own or someone from the EU.

  • According to Stravinsky, Carl Orff composed “neo-Neanderthal” music. That goes quite well in his operas, I think.

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