Covent Garden chief pleads for EU artists to remain in UK

Covent Garden chief pleads for EU artists to remain in UK


norman lebrecht

October 28, 2016

From an article by Alex Beard yesterday in a widely unread freesheet:

We must establish the right to remain for EU nationals currently working in the UK, including the multilingual, highly skilled individuals who contribute to the success of the UK’s creative industries, whether on stage or back- and front-of-house. We owe our past and present success to them and it is only fair that we recognise and repay their dedication and trust.

We have to have a quick and efficient work permit system that promotes a diverse and multilingual workforce and enables creative and cultural organisations to access highly specialist skills. The quality of work on the Royal Opera House stages, for example, is immeasurably enhanced by the ability to draw immediately on a Europe-wide talent pool in the event of sickness.

Full article here.




  • pooroperaman says:

    ‘a widely unread freesheet’

    That’s funny – whenever I’m on the tube, everybody’s reading the Evening Standard.

    Surely you’re not _still_ bitter, Norman?

  • erich says:

    The Beard is absolutely right…bravo. Let’s hope that that unelected icewoman and her Brexit zombies take note…

  • Simon J Evnine says:

    The E.S. has a daily circulation of over 800,000.
    Why do you say “widely unread..” ?

  • Rob van der Hilst says:

    Beloved Albionians, you wanted to return into your Splendid Isolation – be convinced that the outcome of your Brexitmove lays the hands of Brussels, NOT of Whitehall – well… please sit on the shit that has been created by yourself and by nobody else. Shit, also in the arts; it is just a consequence of the democratic Brexitgame you have played.
    We ‘the Continent’ as you prefer to mention us, we the 95% of Europa in fact, did not want your Brexit-experiment although we dispise the cancer ‘neaderthaler-capitalism’ that you and your City of London.have created and spread. Even as the almost dominant force in the economic and financial areas in Europe and in the world. Without you in the EU we will get rid of it, hopely soon.
    Untill your exit. please repreatedly perform and listen to ThomasTallis’ Spem in alium, for comfort at least..

    • Allen says:

      Yes, why would the UK want to leave such an unqualified success story, and join the rest of the world in its “isolation”?.

      I have friends in Greece – perhaps they can provide the answer. Or Spain, perhaps.