Composer appears naked at his premiere

Composer appears naked at his premiere


norman lebrecht

October 08, 2016

This may seem a little retro, but Australian composer Andrew Batt-Rawden, 31, thought his new string quartet might seem cool if he turned up naked on stage.

Fullfrontal report here.


Photo: James Brickwood


  • John Borstlap says:

    It seems that while exploring identity, he found that the emperor had no clothes on….

    ….so a real demonstration would make the point clearer:

  • Cyril Blair says:

    The idiocy is painful.

  • Robert Roy says:

    If only only Haydn, Beethoven and Barton had thought to do that then, perhaps, their quartets would have gained some credibility.

    Oh, hang on…

  • Robert Roy says:

    Sorry, Bartok.

    Maybe I should put some clothes on!

  • Sixtus says:

    I’m going to assume that’s a full size violin in the picture. Wonder how big his hands are . . .