Bad air day: Lufthansa confiscates viola

Sey Cheon, deputy principal viola at Finnish National Opera, tells us:

Lufthansa took away my viola at the gate in Helsinki. The viola will be coming out on the baggage belt (on arrival). This is not okay. Cold temperature shrinks peg, unravelling strings, causing low tension. I don’t know if my sound post stayed in same place.

Just another day in the life of a high-flying art form.


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  • Lufthansa (along with American)is the worst airline I have ever taken. There is no human experience whatsoever. It’s all by robotic rules and regulations. My cello experience this past summer to Europe was a nightmare that almost ended up costing me $6000 for a one way cello ticket.I wrote several emails to whomever and somehow got a call out of it but there was much angst during the process. If you can, all musicians MUST avoid this airline.

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