A composer is lionised by the Venice Biennale

The Italian composer Salvatore Sciarrino, 70 next year, has been awarded the Leone d’Oro.

Previous recipients are Pierre Boulez (2012), Steve Reich (2014) and Georghes Aperghis (2015).


Salvatore Sciarrino

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  • This makes me wonder what happened to Boulez’ estate. He must have been seriously rich, all that conducting in Bayreuth, Salzburg, Chicago etc for decade after decade. All those awards, royalty fees and recording contracts. I understand he had no family apart from a very old sister. I wonder if he left a large chunk to his Lucerne Academy ?

    • Most of his fortune has been stashed in the Boulezbian Orphanage in the cellars of IRCAM, to make sure there will be Boulezbians in the future, when the species will be threatened with extinction. As we know, the Master knew everything about the future, with or without a hammer.

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