Where a bucket airline stows a violin

Ever flown Vueling? It’s a cheap airline owned by Iberia-British Airways. It makes its own rules.


Here’s what happened to the young violinist,  José Manuel Jiménez García:

And so it is going to travel my violin thanks to the understanding and effectiveness of vueling airlines. After inviting me to get it down to hold me down or I with him, the only solution has been the one that I myself have offered. It’s a shame that a flight operated by Iberia, where clearly specifies that the measures are the maximum of the guitar, and clearly my “Guitar” (as the efficient stewardess has called it), no worse than those measures.

And these are the situations with which, unfortunately, the musicians we have to deal every time I want to go outside, go out to fight for our future out of a country where we get the dirt for the eyes… and that is that is clearly In this type of situation the little (null) support to the culture in this country of bass drum and tambourine. Impotence, rage. Evidently, my guitar and I are going to put a complaint as soon as I arrive in Spain. Thank you again, vueling.

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  • This is a perfect example of why concert promoters strongly discourage audience members from recording or filming concerts. The quality is so bad that the player could have been Mr. Heifetz and it would still sound poor.

    That’s why record companies spend so much money on producers, engineers and recording equipment.

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