Welsh mezzo beams her arias to Silicon Valley and back

It is said to be the ‘first computer music algorithm implemented on a quantum computer (and) the first live use of explicit quantum processes in an artistic piece.’

Mezzo-soprano Juliette Pochin sang across the internet into the quantum D-Wave machine at the University of South California’s Information Sciences Institute in Marina Del Rey. Her voice was run through algorithms to make new sounds, which were beamed back to be included in her live performance.

Read here.

juliette pochin

It’s not the first time Juliette has gone where no opera singer has gone before.

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  • I listened to the music, read the explanation… for all that technology they’ve produced something that sounds just like the FM moans, groans, zoings and shroings that everyone who bought a Yamaha DX-7 in the 80s was making.

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