Two Italians take charge at Bucharest Opera

Two Italians take charge at Bucharest Opera


norman lebrecht

September 09, 2016

Renato Zanella is the new head of the ballet company, replacing Johan Kobborg.

And Marcello Mottadelli is music director of the opera, in addition to being principal conductor at Opera Iași.


Given the recent xenophobia, it seems odd that foreigners have again been chosen – and odder still that they have agreed to serve.


  • voica says:

    there was no xenophobia at bucharest opera. you still persuade in a huge error.

  • Gabriele says:

    It’s not surprising. Romanians and Italians usually get on famously due to the similarity of the two languages and mentality. This time it should work.

  • Jo says:

    Perhaps you might realise how it might have been a non-Romanian causing trouble?! As a non-Romanian who heard what actually happened, not what hit the media, I hope you see this as a flaw and see an opportunity to not just report incidents without proper insight. Often the posts on this site seem like gossip from a cheap tabloid rather than any significant news bulletins.

  • Ioana says:

    Well mr Zanella said that he knows and respects the history and tradition of Bucharest National Opera, he will bring a romanian language teacher for all the ballet dancers! Also, the Ballet Compartimet was divided in two sections by mr Kobborg (the ballet section and the divertisment section), but mr Zanella said everybody is the same, everybody is part of ballet and they will all dance.The energy and good feeling that mr Zanella brought is important for the dancers. It was nothing about was all about how mr Kobborg discriminated and persuated the dancers. You ll find more information in the Ballet Department Press Realese.

    • Alexandru Pătrașcu says:

      Wow, a Romanian language teacher is needed! That’s good…

      • Ioana says:

        Yes! Was Mr Zanella idea, he belive that is important to have a teacher for him and for the international dancers, if it is needed. Because he thinks that to work in a different country is a way of respect to learn the language. The things are going good and the ballet department is now peaceful and comfortable.