Turkish tenor wins Hugo Wolf lieder prize

Ilker Arcayürek, a BBC New Generation Artist who is Turkish-Austrian, took first prize today in Stuttgart in the 10th International Art Song Competition of the Hugo Wolf Akademie.

It is one of the biggest Lieder prizes – €15,000 to be shared with his accompanist Fiona Pollak.

The judges were Graham Johnson, Ann Murray, Wolfram Rieger, Birgid Steinberger, Robert Holl and Wolfram Rieger.




1st Prize: Ilker Arcayürek (Tenor) Piano: Fiona Pollak
2nd Prize: Stuart Jackson (Tenor) Piano: Jocelyn Freeman
3rd Prize: Samuel Hasselhorn (Baritone) Piano: Renata Rohlfing

Best Pianist Prize: Renata Rohlfing

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    • i dont understand the relavence of any of the previous comments. both he and his pianist were wonderful; isnt that what matters here?

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  • I am happy I got this post about me but just to make one thing clear – My family and I moved to Austria because we simply love music and vienna is one of the capital cities for classical music – not of war, or religion, or other things I’ve read here in some of the posts – All the best for all of you

    • Congratulations!.. Thank you so much Ilker for your beautiful voice and unique interpretation.

      Turel Ezici
      Head of the Department of Performing Arts
      Hacettepe University
      Ankara State Conservatory/TURKEY

    • Congrats from Turkey Ilker. Thanks a lot for this amazing performance. We wish you continued success and will follow your concerts.
      Are you living your dream? That’s matter! Don’t care such people full of hatred and arrogance.
      With love.

    • Congrats from Turkey Ilker. Thanks a lot for this amazing performance. We wish you continued success and will follow your concerts.
      With love.

    • ILKER that was a great performance.I’m sure every normal person is just concentrated on this beautiful music and your beautiful voice and enjoyed it very much.You just have to ignore mean people who does not have anthing but evil and ignorant toughts.Congrats.

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