This voice is going to break

But, before it does, Norwegian composer Henning Kraggerud has rushed out a tribute aria.

The boy, Aksel Rykkvin, is 13.

In Norway, he’s bigger than Charlotte Church, Laura Bretan and Jackie Evancho put together.


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  • Extraordinary. This is wonderful because he is a boy singing as a boy. Where the others went wrong was that they thought that it was possible to sing operatic arias written for the voice, technique, and musicianship of an adult woman while they were still children.

    • And the vast amounts of money apparently trump considerations of what’s best for this magnificently gifted boy’s development. Would any of you honestly allow that kind of exploitation for your own child?

      • It’s not like they are toiling in coal mines.

        The kid is going to sing anyway. He might as well make money at it.

        • Curious. I always thought that musical performance was part of musical education. And it is done just superbly here!

  • Thank you for posting this. It was a great experience to record with Henning, and a great honour to have it written with my voice in mind. No sign of a voice break for me yet, luckily 🙂 Please also check out my debut solo album with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment:

    • Aksel, your vocal technique is superb. That is something you will keep for the rest of your life. Bravo.

  • Beautiful voice! I hope his family will ensure the continuation of his musical education. He could have a big future!

  • I’ve recently discovered Aksel and play his music and his lovely voice every day. He brings great pleasure into the life of a very old lady living alone.

    Thank you, Aksel!

    All my love,


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