The Berlin Philharmonic think it’s all over

The German elite XI played a London orchestras team in Hyde Park.

According to the Berliners, the result was 1-1.

But England captain David Stark, principal double bass of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales (and thus of doubtful qualification) is claiming that an extra London goal crossed the line and was not seen by the referee. It should have been England 2-1.

Now where have we heard that before?

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  • How can it have been an ‘England’ team, when there were players from Wales there? It might have been a Great Britain team; it may even have been a United Kingdom Eleven, but not, surely, only England.

    • By the standard you describe, it would not have been “Great Britain”, “United Kingdom” (or “Germany” for that matter) either…players on the two teams included individuals from France, Spain, Brazil, Latvia, Austria and Israel.

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