Teen violin gets management

Last week Noa Wildschut signed a recording deal with Warner.

Now, she’s got an agent.

All happening very fast for a 15 year-old.



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  • I’m sure that this child is very talented, but certainly not ready for a recording career yet. Unfortunately Decca and the Universal Classics “geniuses” still believe that kiddie “porn” sells and will push her and hype her until she’s burned out and then they’ll just go and find another one. The problem now is that few are even interested in these “signings”. After the Charlotte Church’s, the Jackie Evancho’s and the so many other child talents that have been exploited and “destroyed” by unintelligent marketing, pure exploitation and no respect whatsoever for the normal process of gaining musical, professional and emotional maturity. Sadly, knowing who are the people behind the Decca brand today, I feel very sorry for Noa Wildschut, as no matter her talents and potential, in the hands of the Universal management, she risks having her career ruined before it even gets off the ground. Fortunately, recordings no longer play such a significant role in an artist’s development, so if her concerts are well managed, she has a chance at a good concert career. She just needs to be forewarned of who she is dealing with when it comes to the recording side. Vigilance and extreme caution needs to be exercised at all times with the Universal people. They are not in it for the love of the music, that is for sure.

    • Then again, being a 15-year-old violinist is different than trying to be a 15-year-old opera singer: you’re not trying to make your body do something it can’t actually do yet.

      And anyway there are lots of former child stars still performing. I don’t think having an early start is by any means a death sentence for her career. I think the important thing is, do they have enough to say as an artist to keep audiences interested as they develop? And do they have the interest to keep going with it? (There are always a surprising number of former child prodigies in medical school…)

  • One wonders if the management contract would have been on the table unless that recording deal had been signed. From the management perspective, presumably they get some commission on future recordings, and for young ‘new’ artists on the circuit a recording deal makes them more marketable.

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