Social and personal: Italian baritone marries his manager

Congratulations to Paolo Bordogna and his manager Adalberto Ruggeri who have tied the knot in Ozzano, near Bologna, within weeks of Italy recognising civil unions.

paolo bordogna wedding
Foto Schicchi

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  • Very nice news. But what would happen if the singer would want to change management, as so often happens in the profession?

  • To adapt a phrase, if you marry your manager, do you not create a vacancy?

    For a new manager, or a new artist?

    Perhaps such conflicts of interest do not weigh heavily in the creative world.

  • Congratulations. Bordogna is simply fantastic, both as a singer and as an actor. If you don’t know it, treat yourself to Bordogna as Mamma Agata in Donizetti’s “Viva la Mamma”, or rather “Le convenienze ed inconvenienze teatrali”. Since Bordogna is the title character, you can hardly say that he “steals” the show, but he is magnificent in it anyway:

  • Congratulations indeed, however it isn’t a full marriage just yet, as Italy hasn’t yet legalised same-sex marriage. In the words of Justice Ginsberg, Civil Unions are “skim milk marriage”.

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