Sir James Galway takes a health check

Sir James Galway takes a health check


norman lebrecht

September 21, 2016

He tells the Deadly Fail:

Last year my weight reached over 13st and I’m 5ft 4in tall. Tests showed the arteries around my heart had clogged up. I had a couple of stents inserted in April to prop them open, but was told to lose weight for my health. The one thing that worked for me was visiting a nutritionist in New York called Dr Stephen Gullo. I had to cut out pasta, rice and potatoes. It was a wrench for an Irishman! Now I’m just over 11st and trying to get under it.

Health book that changed your life?

Stephen Gullo’s The Thin Commandments Diet: The Ten No-Fail Strategies For Permanent Weight Loss. It forces you to keep a diary of your food intake and it helps you identify what’s responsible for piling on the pounds.

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  • Jeffrey Biegel says:

    Glad this regimen is helping Sir James to get his health under control. He is one of our most beloved musicians and helps young flutists throughout the world through his master classes with his wife, Lady Jeanne. Wishing them good health and safe travels to continue their mission.

  • Stephen says:

    I’m puzzled about the pasta since, with the exception of Big Lucie, one sees very few obese people in Italy, especially as compared with the USA and the UK.

    • Janis says:

      It’s a matter of portion control — Italians don’t eat as much of it as most people do in the US and UK. I think it can be a problem food for a lot of people not because there’s anything inherently wrong with it, but because some people can’t keep form eating an awful lot of it if they have even a little bit. For people who react that way to certain foods, it’s best to just go cold turkey.

      I hope he does well also — he’s a hell of a musician.

  • Richelle Edwards says:

    I saw Sir James and Lady Jeanne is Mississippi last year.
    They both looked wonderful and played liked angels!

    It was such a delight to watch them perform. I was blessed to hear Danny Boy played from 12 feet away at rehearsal.

    Sir James was very patient, generous with his time and approachable. He seemed full of vigor!
    If diet helps him stay with us another 30 years, I am thrilled!

  • Willie Mc Garrigle says:

    Hi Sir Jimmy, Porridge and tuna in brine are good to lose weight. So keep up the good work and live for a long time. Cheers Willie—-Your little doppelganger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!