Sicklist: Kyung Wha Chung cries off on eve of major release

The Korean violinist has cancelled next month’s UK appearances after suffering a swollen finger.

Her comeback recording of the Bach Sonatas and Partitas on the Warner label will have to launch without her.

kyung wha chung rfh 2014

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  • Does that mean she’s made the recording but won’t be available to promote it? Or she can’t make the recording now?

  • Does a finger take more than a month to heal from swelling? Sounds like something else is swelling up quite a bit.

    • Depends on what’s causing the swelling, and what can be done to treat it. Remember she was sidelined with a finger ailment for several years (and then there’s the well-documented case of Murray Perahia’s thumb). Sometimes things take longer to heal than one would expect.

      What is the “something else” that you think is swelling?

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