She sold six times more albums last week than anyone else

Nielsen Soundscan figures are in, not quite as bad as usual.

Anna Netrebko sold more than 900 copies of her new DG album in the US last week.

The next-best contender were the Norcia monks, with 160.



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  • I don’t think it’s important how many copies of Anna “Putinista” Netrebko are sold, but who buys them…..Russian oligarchs perhaps?

    • Oh, the armchair self-righteous crowd is out again, mostly recruiting from those who were born into freedom and never did a thing for it. Get a life, Maria. Leave this wonderful singer and musician alone from your envy and hatred.

  • Where do these stats come from? I run a classical record label and I sold more than that of a few titles last week.
    Is this UK sales in a particular category? Is it Soundscan? If so, that’s about as up to date as using a weather stick to tell if a storm is coming…
    I had to ask because when dismal sales like this are reported on SD, I don’t really understand how this is considered any kind of indicator.

    • Wow. If you are actually selling more than 900 copies of a classical title in a week you are most likely beating every other classical label in the world by some distance. A recent classical release that was top of the UK specialist classical charts reportedly sold fewer than 100 UK-chart-able copies in that release week and still hit #1 (OK, this was during holiday time when sales are slack, but even so).

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