Principal cellist jumps from window during police raid

There are two versions of what happened here.

Adrian Naidin, solo cellist of the Bucharest radio orchestra, says masked police on a drugs raid burst into his apartment early Wedneday morning. Panicked, he jumped from a first floor window, broke a finger in his right hand and was taken to hospital. He maintains the police mistook his address for a neighbour’s.

The police say they got the right address and found 500 grams of cannabis and 5 grams of cocaine.

Whatever the outcome, Adrian has cancelled his concert on October 10.

He says: ‘I am in the hospital because of police incompetence. This morning, a masked intervention patrol of the police raided one of my neighbours. Unfortunately, the police officers got the wrong door and thought that my apartment’s door gives them access to a haven for drug addicts, so they broke it and entered my place.’



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  • That’s quite abut of ganja to have laying around (if the account is correct)… I guess you do get a break on price for quantity(maybe he needs it for epilepsy or glaucoma).
    Perhaps the powers that be over there will go lightly on him for that…but the booger sugar, that’s a tough one to explain away.
    Good luck!

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