New York opens fast-track school for future classical musicians

From the NY Post:

The Washington Heights and Inwood Music Community Charter School will offer two hours of orchestral music and voice instruction to all students in grades K to 5 during an extended school day.

Musical concepts and content will also be integrated with other courses, such as math and science, according to founder David Gracia, a pianist and conductor who is a manager of artistic-training programs at Carnegie Hall.

Full article here.


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  • It’s a charter school and not necessarily fast-track – which aims at shortening the years. Because fast-tracking a music education is a bad idea. Time is a key ingredient. And I think a number of great musicians have done poorly in academic classes over the years….but if the general and music history was taught together that would help put composers/styles into perspective. And the general history class wouldn’t seem a total waste of time, because retention after the final exam isn’t great in many cases.

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