New London agency opens

New London agency opens


norman lebrecht

September 05, 2016

Ingpen & Williams died on Friday when David Sigall retired.

His former partner Jonathan Groves today opened Groves Artists with many of the same clients, including Mark Elder, Graham Vick and Roderick Williams.

New website here.

mark elder


  • Robert King says:

    Indeed, as you would expect with such a professional outfit as was run by David Sigall and Jonathan Groves, the dispersal of Ingpen has been seamless. Unless I am wrong, Nicki Wenham (who was David’s excellent assistant) has gone with his/her conductors and three fine singers (Carolyn Sampson, Hilary Summers and Ruby Hughes) to Maxine Robertson Management: Helen Hogh remains alongside Jonathan Groves at the newly named Groves Management (same premises too) with just short of a dozen conductors (some big names here) and a couple of dozen pretty illustrious singers. A shame for historical reasons that the name “Ingpen and Williams” has joined that of Ibbs and Tillett, Harold Holt et al in the history books, but good to see one of the nicest managements in the business remains in all but name.

    The one remaining question is this: will the renowned Christmas Party still happen? Rarely could you meet (and Ingpen were brilliant at pitching the date so as to catch the one day that everyone seemed to be able to fly in from wall-to-wall Christmas Messiahs) so many of the great and the good of the classical world under one roof, including managers from other “rival” agencies – what a typically generous touch that was.

  • Jeffrey Biegel says:

    Good luck to Jonathan in his new concern. Back in the days when Sol Hurok had passed, the agents splintered off into their own firms and brought wonderful artists to the public. I wish all of the agents who worked with Ingpen and Williams success in their 21st century managerial firms.

  • Alvaro says:

    Who? …..managing Who?

  • John Russell says:

    Fond memories of excellent work by Mark Elder, Graham Vick and Graham Clark (GREAT Capt Vere!) at MET OPERA. This from my perspective as Reg. Chorus Bass-Baritone (1991-2014).
    Best of Luck to ALL.