Maestros move: Seoul names two new chiefs

The Seoul Philharmonic has been headless since Myung Whun Chung quit after being forced to defend himself on baseless charges put up by the former chief exec.

Since then, the orchestra has been avoided by leading conductors, with one notable exception.

Today they have announced two new principal conductors, Thierry Fischer of the Utah Symphony (pictured) and Markus Stenz, of the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic.

They will be known respectively as principal guest conductor and conductor-in-residence.

The music director chalice is still seen to be poisoned.


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  • I have no experience of either conductor. I only hope they have some idea of what they are taking on – in political and societal terms. The vipers’ nest that is Seoul will not be easy without a strong Executive Director to back them up – and there seems no sign that this is the case. I hope for the musicians’ sake that they will take good care of Myung Whun-chung’s wonderful orchestra.

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