Last fragments of a once-great agency find a home

We reported the divvying up of the former Ingpen & Williams among two other agencies.

A third section has come to rest with Maestro Arts (Van Walsum) where Thomas Hull is taking two Brendels, Paul Lewis, Till Fellner, Allan Clayton, William Lacey, Richard Farnes, Aleksander Markovich, and many others.

It seems a shame that no part of the firm as continued the well-loved Ingpen & Williams name.

paul lewis

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  • Your comments here and in previous posts are rather disingenuous towards Jonathan Groves who together with David Sigall ran Ingpen and Williams for three decades or more and is now continuing with a distinguished list of artists under his own name.

    • Why disingenuous? Neither Lies Askonas nor Harold Holt are alive but their names live on in the joint agency. That was no reflection on the abilities of Robert Rattray or Martin Campbell White who assumed control after the merger.

  • Thomas Hull was actually the first to find a home following the breakup of Ingpen, this happened back in June and we are very happy to have joined him at his new home at Maestro Arts

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