Label coup: DG snatches Murray Perahia from Sony

The reflective, UK-based pianist does not fit well with the all-singing, all-Langing Sony list.

So he’s gone to the yellow crew, his first label switch in 43 years.

Details below.


Deutsche Grammophon is proud to announce that Murray Perahia, one of the great musicians of our time, has signed to the yellow label. The American pianist intends to record key works from his repertoire, thereby preserving insights gained over the course of a career that began in the mid-1960s and continues to flourish as he approaches his 70th birthday next April. Perahia’s artistry has been fêted for its many qualities, not least its poetic eloquence, tonal nuance and spiritual depth. His move to Deutsche Grammophon follows an exclusive association with Sony Classical and its predecessor Columbia Masterworks that began in 1973.

This significant new partnership, destined to deliver interpretations of the highest artistic calibre to the DG catalogue, will be launched this autumn with the release of Bach’s French Suites.



l-r: Costa Pilavachi, the Perahias, Clemens Trautmann.

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  • Mention of CBS Masterworks recalls what a great label it was. Sony under Bogdan Rosic is a complete joke. He knows nothing about music, his sidekicks even less. It’s all about money and nothing else. DG at least has the vestiges of a once mighty label.

    • A fair assessment of DG.
      However, It went down in my estimation when it started releasing works by Karl Jenkins, and to a lesser extent Max Richter. This was a label which in it’s heyday bought out pioneering recordings of Stockhausen, Ligeti, Kagel, Henze and Reich to name but four.

  • DG has made strides to recoup an almost lost reputation since the new german manager took over. The difference is palpable.

    Now, I cant wait to see the numbers of this bet to record harpsichord and the old warhorses of which we all already have dozens of versions.

    As much as one loves Perahia, Barenboim, Argerich, etc: who exactly is going to buy these productions? I know plenty of people who wont.

    DG is above all a business and businesses need cash last time I checked.

    Wait a year and lets see the numbers….

  • Yes! A new recording from the maestro, first since 2010. Something to look forward to during the long winter evenings.


    P.S.: The Hammerklavier next, please!

    • Yes! His Hammerklavier last season at Carnegie was stupendous. Perhaps DG could release a recording of that recital. They seem to like the “Live at Carnegie Hall” angle for their pianists.

      • Perahia played the Hammerklavier Sonata at Geffen Hall, not Carnegie Hall. And he got the rhythm wrong in the 1st measure!

  • Perahia deserves this, and the world deserves to know him from a new aspect of DG. He was underestimated because of his American origin, and i alway felt sorry for him. and since 2010 i almost thought the world lost him forever, luckily now he’s back and is promised to contribute to the world a more eclectic and prometheus repertoire than his contemporaries in the yellow label.

  • One of the finest musicians before the public today. I’m looking forward to hearing whatever ‘product’ he chooses to give us.

  • One of the very best news I’ve read on this site! Great move by DG, who seems to be all over the place with their signings.

  • ‘The reflective, UK-based pianist does not fit well with the all-singing, all-Langing Sony list.’

    And DG are any better? He’d be much better off at Hyperion or Onyx.

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