Jury member hospitalised

We hear that the eminent pianist Peter Frankl has been obliged to leave the distinguished jury of the 4th Hong Kong International Piano Competition.

Peter, who will be 81 at the weekend, was taken to hospital with a heart related issue and will not return to the jury. We send him warm wishes for a swift recovery.


UPDATE: Peter has undergone a surgical procedure and is raring to return to the jury for the semifinals.

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  • We look forward to some new world records being set up in Hong Kong. How about a special speed prize to be awarded to the first contestant finshing Chopin Op 10 No 1 in under 1 minute 50 seconds, or and the last movement of Rack’s 3rd in less than 13 minutes?

  • I was at the first two days of the competition. One jury member was constantly coughing. I wonder if it was him.

    Hong Kong is not known for world records. I wonder why Hugh would expect one set during this competition?

  • If I may be allowed to comment upon the topic of the post, and not on the competition, I have long though Peter Frankl one of the most underrated pianists of his generation. I am saddened by this news and wish him a speedy return to good health.

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