Itzhak Perlman is giving it away

The violinist is choosing who should share the $2 million Genesis prize he was given in Israel:

The violinist announced Monday that he would donate NIS 3.2 million (approx. $850,000) to organizations in Israel that connect people with disabilities with the classical arts. The biggest donation — NIS 940,000 (approx. $250,000) — will go to the Perlman Music Program at the Tel Aviv Conservatory to support young, talented musicians.

More here in Times of Israel*.

Good man.

itzhak perlman youtube

*Readers point out that this should read: the Tel Aviv Conservatory for a new Perlman-Genesis String Project.

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  • Norman: What’s the problem with civility from your commenters. I read this post and thought that it was generous of Mr. Perlman to make such a donation. You had an error in the details of the name, nothing very significant and two readers provide corrections that are mean spirited and abrupt.

    Is civility a thing of the past?

  • Those big monetary awards ment never leave Israel, that why they so generous. Musician of Jewish origin pressed to perform for no fee. The one who refused ‘re not invited tour Israel.
    I. Perelman will not dare to give Israel reward to conservatories of USA even he started here on scholarship and lived most of his life here.

  • I can’t be envious because I usually donate my prizes from competition back to organizations, established prize in name of my teacher Karl Schnabel at European competition for few years and do it with my own money without pressure.

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