Illegal state issues composer stamp

The Russian-sponsored breakaway state of Donetsk has issued its first postal stamps.




The first issue marks the 125th birthday of Sergei Prokofiev, a native of the region.


Do not be tempted to buy the stamp. It contravenes international law.

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  • Wouldn’t occur to me, as stamp collecting is of no interest to me and I do not expect to be mailing anything from Donetsk any time soon. But your injunction must be the proverbial red rag to a bull, if philately contains anyone remotely bull-like. Presumably those stamps will one day be priceless.

  • What a beautiful stamp, would be wonderful if our own unelected Theresa May government were to copy such a thing as producing a postage stamp dedicated to one of the country’s great composers. But no they close down music education willy nllly. Oh also it seems that I recall the administration in the Donbass was actually elected into office…..

    • Yes, it was elected into office. In fact, the previous democratically elected administration was forced out against the will of the Donetsk people, something encouraged by the European Union. Of course, liberals think their way is the only valid one (right, Lebrecht?)…

        • Do you know something the rest of us don’t? People from Donestsk that I have talked with are happy not to be part of Ukraine. What’s your source?

          • I dont know the type of people you have been talking with (maybe the same type of people who told the American and British journalist in the 1930s how equally happy they were about Stalin’s “the most democratic constitution in the world”, and Stalinistic “people’s democracy”, “free” elections etc?). But actually the people I know in Donetsk are not equally happy after some of their basic rights have been denied.

            Obviously you and I are not dealing with the same group of people.

  • Buying the stamp does not “contravene international law” (this does not even make sense). And there is no such thing as an “illegal state”. As far as international law is concerned, the existence of a state is a matter of fact.

  • As an admirer of Prokofiev I would love to buy a set of
    these stamps. I Wonder if Gibbons will stock them. In whose eyes are they illegal?

  • I love Prokofiev and would buy these stamps. Wonder if Gibbons has them. Don’t understand why they are illegal though even if Donetsk is not recognised they are celebrating their association with prokofiev.

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