How to become Shimon Peres? First play the mandolin

Message from Avi Avital:

Here’s something I doubt you knew: Shimon Peres was a mandolin player. Here he is, front row, with his mandolin orchestra in Vishnyeva (today Belarus).


photo: Times of Israel (right-click to enlarge)

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  • And after that become member of the Haganah.
    Why two items in Slippedisc about a war criminal?
    After Rabin died he was responsible for the massacre in Qana.
    And he was responsible for the relaunching of the West Bank settlement.
    That he is Israeli and Jewish should not be an excuse…

    • Neil, your antisemitism is showing again. Peres was not, in any sense known to me, a war criminal. We have not heard your views yet on the very considerable war crimes charges made against the Russian leadership. Why is that? If the only war crimes in your view are those allegedly committed by Israel, you are a bona fide antisemite.

      • I’d also just add that contrary to the reports in the Arab press, the tragedy at Qana took place amidst a bitter war with the terrorist group Hezbollah and there are disputed reports as to why what happened, happened. But it seems clear that there was Hezbollah fire from right next to the compound and they have form on the human shields front. It is highly unlikely that Peres as Prime Minister was involved with every operational step of a war in the way that the Chief of Staff would be. OK, back to music!

  • Oh, please. you don’t know of what you speak.
    Check history and International Law- all is easily
    accessed. A war criminal? Really!
    One doesn’t need to agree with everything he did,
    but you discredit yourself by these ill-informed
    accusations. You have no idea what he accomplished,

  • What an intriguing headline. Did he really play thre mandolin first, and become Shimon Peres afterwards ? Amazing. And what was he before that.? How many others have become Shimon Peres after taking up mandolin playing ? Or was this a one-off ?
    I think we should be told.

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