Heartless Fort Worth cancels another concert month

The obdurate administrators of the Fort Worth Symphony, determined to cut musician wages, have cancelled all concerts for October and the first week of November.

The musicians, refusing to sign a reduced contract, are on strike.


Hard to remember that Van Cliburn called this heartless place his home.



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  • No. They have been cancelled because the members of the orchestra are refusing to play. Money does not grow on trees, Norman.

  • The facts are this: After 14 months of negotiation, management made a last, best and final offer to the musicians which heaped further cuts on those already imposed since 2010. The musicians voted to strike because they could not accept the offer but have repeatedly stated they are ready and willing to go back to the bargaining table. Management’s only response/action we have heard of thus far is to cancel concerts.

    Money doesn’t grow on trees, but why is it that other arts organizations, including the opera company right there in Fort Worth, and the Dallas Symphony, are finding ways to fundraise enough to support their musicians? see: http://www.artsjournal.com/diacritical/2016/09/some-of-our-orchestras-seem-to-be-thriving-is-this-a-new-trend.html

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