German arts boss quits UK over Brexit

German arts boss quits UK over Brexit


norman lebrecht

September 06, 2016

Martin Roth, the Dresden curator who heads the Victoria & Albert Museum, will leave his job in the coming weeks, saying the Brexit vote felt like ‘a personal defeat’.

Roth, 61, said: ‘What happened to tolerance, solidarity and charity?’

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  • Mark Powell says:

    THAT is very bad news. He’s a brilliant curator and a significant ambassador not just for the V & A, but for public accessibility of historically important institutions. If he doesn’t decide to retire, perhaps an intelligent US entity might be fast enough to secure his services.

  • DESR says:

    Very good man, who has done a good job.

    Will Neil McGregor feel compelled to return to the UK in solidarity?

    One in, one out?

  • pooroperaman says:

    ‘a personal defeat’

    Grandiosity. It’s not about you, Martin. Go and see a therapist.

  • Hugh G. Reggshone says:

    “Tolerance, solidarity and charity” – I’m sure he is a fervent supporter of these liberal and progressive tenets as long as others foot the bill. Like the 8.5 bn GBP net contribution to the EU “budget” =sinecures for the commission and their bureaucratic monstrosities.

  • bonafide says:

    Some clichees can be to much to take even when you think you’ve seen and heard everything. Enjoy Dresden, Martin :-DDD

  • David Samuel says:

    I don’t know this man, but I am sad that he feels this way. “Personal defeat” sounds like he may take himself a bit too seriously.

    I’m not sure what he means by saying ‘What happened to tolerance, solidarity and charity?’

    The United Kingdon is one of the most tolerant societies in the world (by looking at most United Nations statistics), and also happens to come in 4th place in terms of the countries that give the most to charities –

    As for solidarity, like any country, the United Kingdom has had its good and bad moments. When it mattered though, to defeat Nazism, I think the United Kingdom showed, beyond anything, great solidarity with the European continent. It has continued to do so in the last 70 years, and will continue to do so in the future.

    I don’t understand how this has anything to do with leaving the EU. I voted Leave because I do not like the European Union as an institution for a variety of fundamental reasons. I am happy for people to disagree with me, but my reasons are sound – not in any way based on charity, tolerance and solidarity. Do liberals have a monopoly on these? I am also a Vote Leave person who would welcome more immigration into the UK, but the right kind of points-based immigration.

    I wish Mr Roth very well in his future. He is welcome to the United Kingdom anytime. We are a peace-loving, friendly outward looking nation, looking forward to trading with the world, as well as with our European neighbours and friends. I’m assuming that Mr Roth is German himself. If he is, as a regular visitor to his country, I would like to say how much I love his country and look forward to visiting there many times in the future. He comes from one of the greatest nations on earth. I hope he feels the same about my country.