French label goes bankrupt

The elegant and often innovation record label Naive has run out of time.

It was put into administration last month, and bought out by a digital distribution firm, Believe.

About half the work force, 25 staff, will keep their jobs. t remains to be seen whether there will be continued production after the current season’s releases are put out.

Naive was founded in 1997 by ex-Virgin France chief Patrick Zelnick and caught the eye with striking design and a fresh stream of mostly French and Francophone artists, among them Lisa de la Salle, Anne Gastinel and the Diotima Quartet.


“Naïve, maison d’artistes” / Film réalisé pour les 10 ans du label NAIVE from François Le Nouëne on Vimeo.


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  • And the wonderful Quatour Mosaiques discs. I assume the catalogue will find a happy home elsewhere. Sad for the staff, though.

  • Very sad new indeed. I have enjoyed many of their recordings. With their demise, Azzolini’s series of Vivaldi bassoon concerti is unlikely to be completed.

    • An uncalled-for comment.
      These are difficult times for any publishing house, especially for a medium-small company like Naive (which survived for almost 20 years, so not exactly a green newcomer). What would the evidence of their “naivety” be?

  • such a shame, they published some wonderful recordings and rarely of “obvious” pieces.

    Double pity because this probably means that the Vivaldi Edition will never see the end…

  • I have many of their recordings. Apart from Lisa de La Salle also Sergey and Lusine Khachatryan, and some experimental combinations of musicians.
    How do they do it, I sometimes wondered

  • What a pity this is . Naive’s team with their talent and professionalism have made an incredibly valuable artistic contribution . Their recording series with Accentus Choeur de Chambre and Laurence Equilbey has created an impressive recorded vocal legacy with a huge repertoire for example.

  • Greetings from Canada,

    I need your help.

    I was in the final stages of arranging payment for use of a track by Naive.

    Who is the company that bought them out?

    I would greatly appreciate any help you could give me.


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