France increases arts spending by five percent

The minister of culture Audrey Azoulay has announced a five percent increase in state arts subsidy in 2017.

She confirmed a statement of President Hollande in July that culture would be a priority in the election year, which may be his last chance to leave a legacy.


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  • So in France and Germany increasing the Culture Budget is seen as a way of picking up votes whereas in the UK slashing the Arts budget is seen as the one most likely to deliver an electoral dividend.

    • I am not so sure, in Britain the great majority don’t care. At least May does seem to have an interest in the arts and especially music: not accusations you could level at most UK politicians, and unlike Merkel.

      • It is an Anglo-Saxon idea that ‘the arts’ are a private concern, like religion, warts, cooking and yoga. If Mrs May has a musical interest, it probably will remain a private concern.

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