Vienna Philharmonic grabs 1st flute from rival orch

The orchestra of the Vienna State Opera has been holding auditions to replace Dieter Flury as principal flute.

The post was won this morning by Silvia Careddu, principal flute of the Wiener Symphoniker.

Silvia, who is Italian, from Cagliari, will start playing at the opera next September. Aged 39, she played for ten years as solo flute in the Konzerthaus orchestra in Berlin before joining the Vienna Symphony.

She will be elected to full membership of the Vienna Philharmonic in three years’ time, another small step towards gender equality.


Here’s what she can do.

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  • Fleury has been one of the VPO’s administrators and of the old guard’s opinion that women detract from the musical camaraderie of the orchestra.

  • Brava, Silvia, well-deserved!

    Apparently the audition ran 4 rounds, with the finalists in the last round playing with the orchestra. The Spaniard Eduard Belmar was one of the finalists

    It would be interesting to know who else they were considering in that final round, Anyone know?

  • Some years back, when the VPO was first criticised for dragging its heels over appointing women, one of the most insightful comments was that, although they were still overwhelmingly appointing men, the men were of a younger generation who were much more open to appointing women. As time has gone on these men have become more numerous and influential and the fusty, old dinosaurs(like Flury) are shuffling off into retrirement and we are starting to see the results of this generational shift.

  • Not only was Flury a misogynist, he was also a racist. He made comments stating that musicians from outside Europe do not have the same musical standards as he does. He even called this a ‘racist and sexist irritation’. Good riddings Flury!

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