Ever heard jazz bagpipes? (You’re in for a treat)

Gunhild Carling, on Jazz Bayern

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  • Yes, Rufus Harley did it years ago, releasing 12 albums and appearing on albums by Sonnie Stitt, Herbie Mann and Sonny Rpllins.

    • Interesting

      SHe appears to be playing a lightly reeded chanter like an irish pipe that allows for bending of the tone with differential wind pressure. Rufus Harley played a highland bagpipe chanter which usually requires a stiffer reed. Playing with scottish untunable drones limits the key.
      Though I play pipes, if I had to do reed based jazz a saxophone is a much better choice with true chromatic scale, multiple keys and more than 9 notes. This is more novelty than new discipline, I think

      • I think she knows that, too, but she brings joy to the music, and that’s the most important thing. In the hands of Gunhild and her family, jazz is not an intellectual endeavor or a museum piece. It feels hot like New Orleans in the day.

      • I know. too bad isn’t it? But looking at this lady hopping around with her bagpipe, there was no point of contact with reality in the mind. I asked my PA but she also withdrew into silent introversion. But the Syrian gardener, whom we consulted after most of our staff were merely left speechless by the video, an amiable middle aged former anthropologist from Damascus, thought it was typical German. Well, that was at least something.

  • In any case her performance got better when she finally started playing the bagpipes. I probably would not have lasted that long if it would not have been for curiosity …

  • Gunhild is no oddity, she and her family are resurrecting and creating anew the greatest elements of Jazz. They are giants in an era of musical rot.

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