Breaking: Major record company shuts down

We have been notified of the closure of Launch Music International Ltd (LMI), an important service provider and distributor of small classical labels. The company, based in Staffordshire, will cease trading by the end of October.

Its labels include Somm, Priory, Guild, Clarinet Classics, Music&Media, Quartz and Stone.

Its founder, Philip Hateley, has decided to get out of business and go into music education. Here’s what he tells us:

Dear Norman – It is with a heavy heart that I announce the planned closure of Launch Music International. The company will cease trading by Monday 31st October. We are currently advising our labels and other clients. Over the last (almost) 8 years we grew from a small export only business offering replication services to small artist driven record labels – in to a complete supply chain for labels of all sizes – offering recording, design and manufacturing – global sales and marketing for both physical and digital products through an extensive network of multiple distributors in most territories – and developed a whole host of other services (online store, publishing, label management, short run duplication, storage, freight forwarding etc etc) along the way.

I hope we brought some new and exciting products to the market that otherwise wouldn’t have seen the light due to the size of the label. We grew to the point where my wife and I simply couldn’t manage it any further — we reached the point where the company needed serious investment in resources, facilities, systems and infrastructure — so, over the last few months we have been talking with companies and offering them our business with a view to being taken over by a larger company with all the things needed to grow already in place. Unfortunately – after long deliberation no deal could be reached – so winding down is the only option and we hope that our labels and manufacturing clients find good homes. I am proud with how LMI has grown and developed over the years – and pleased to have received support from so many people. But – I can’t say that the last 12 months has been fun. So – for me – I’ve decided to exit the industry completely in order to pursue opportunities in music education.


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  • The migration towards music education rivals that of chinese farmers to cities….

    More and more music education makes the problem worse, a devils circle…

    • I am sure you are joking. When culture, music and education are a bad thing, then all is lost.
      Time to return to knuckle dragging in the caves.

  • Would hardly call this a major record company. I struggled to sell his product on a daily basis. No one wanted it. Thats the sad fact.

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